Canadian Study Abroad: Extending Support to Displaced Students

Halp is working with officials to design a comprehensive program to assist displaced students and students seeking admission for the 2024 intake in Canada

Students and Parents,

I am writing to you on behalf of Halp, a leading study-abroad coaching platform based out of Canada, which is deeply committed to the betterment of our students and society.

Recent events surrounding the cancellation of admissions at Canada's Northern College, Scarborough campus, have stirred our collective sense of empathy for you. Studying abroad is a complex journey that requires investment at all levels of a student's existence- physical, mental, financial and emotional. Without a doubt, when so much is invested, the outcome must be rewarding in all aspects as well. We, therefore, understand the immense disappointment, logistical complexities and financial burdens that you are currently facing, having already invested in your dreams of pursuing higher education in a foreign land.

At Halp, we firmly believe that education is a beacon of hope, a vehicle of transformation and a catalyst for positive change. We have promptly collaborated with officials to design a comprehensive program aimed at assisting students, as well as those who are seeking admission for the 2024 intake in Canada, without imposing any additional financial burden.

Our custom program includes:

  • A dedicated 1:1 admissions coach, based in Canada, who will work tirelessly to guide you toward the right academic program and help you in securing scholarships, ensuring that your educational journey remains on track.

  • The expertise of a personal Canada-based immigration lawyer who will meticulously craft, review and submit your study permit application to the IRCC on your behalf, easing the path to your new academic adventure.

  • Access to our user-friendly online platform, providing you with the tools and resources to accomplish the necessary steps at your convenience, on your own time.

  • An $800 CAD 'Welcome-to-Canada' cash bonus, a gesture to alleviate some of the initial financial burdens that often accompany international relocation.

  • All of the above, which holds a value of $3,000 CAD, will be offered to you completely free of charge.

Our commitment to this endeavour is driven by a profound sense of responsibility and a desire to stand by your side as you navigate through this challenging phase of your academic journey. We see this as an opportunity to contribute to a social cause, to extend a helping hand to fellow global citizens and to uphold the enduring bonds that unite India and Canada in spheres such as education, science & technology and the cherished relations between our people.

The strong bilateral ties that exist between our nations are not solely based on diplomatic agreements; they are deeply rooted in the relationships, interactions and shared dreams of individuals like you. As India becomes the top source of foreign students in Canada, as scholars travel between our countries under initiatives like GIAN and SPARC and as the Indian diaspora flourishes in Canada, we are reminded of the profound impact of our interconnectedness.

In troubled times, it is our shared resilience and determination that help us navigate through the storm and find a path towards brighter shores. We look forward to the opportunity to be a part of your journey, to support you as you overcome these obstacles and to celebrate your accomplishments as you write the next chapters of your story.

Matthew McLellan

CEO, Halp Technologies